Dancehall workshop s KOOL RAVERS (JA)

*****Dancehall workshop s KOOL RAVERS (JA)***** 

KDY: čtvrtek 20. 04. 2017
PREZENCE & PLATBA: 19.00 - 19.45 hod
WORKSHOP: 20.00 - 22.00 hod

KDE: BDS Academy taneční škola, Polská 1, Sokol - Vinohrady (levý boční vchod)

EARLY BIRD registrace do 2. dubna - 550 Kč
Standard registrace od 3. - 16. dubna - 650 Kč
Registrace od 17. dubna a na místě: 750 Kč

(uveďte: jméno, přijímení, kontakt)

POŘADATEL: Anet Antošová & Beast Production

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Kool is a member of the widely popular Dancehall group Ravers Clavers dance crew. Hailing from the Nannyville community in Kingston. Kool is young, fresh and full of enthusiasm. His workshops are focused mainly on the steps created by the Ravers Crew but he has the knowledge and skills to do a wide variety of the dance styles that have dominated the streets from the mid 90s to present. 
Kool has a cheerful personality, and his students are always delighted to be in his presence. He considers Bogle and Ding Dong his role models and he has expressed his intention to use his talent as a Dancehall blanket to cover the world.